The coastguard found the boat drifting a few miles off the south coast. 


What they discovered onboard was the last thing they expected to see.

 DCI Bill Boyd - recently relocated from London to Hastings - is now with the East Sussex CID and his first case is that of a local business man and his new young wife, missing in the English Channel. 


All that remains of them are the grisly discoveries aboard their half-submerged yacht and a digital trail that could put Boyd and his daughter, Emma, in danger.


Silent Tide is the first in a brand new series from Alex Scarrow


“Boyd is exactly sort of detective I need right now… compassionate, smart and informed.” 9/10





When old bones are discovered buried beside an A-road it becomes clear that Leon Martin – dubbed the Ken Doll Killer by the tabloid press – may not have taken his life 21 years ago.


As Boyd investigates the old case file it becomes clear there may be new bodies buried at lay-bys around the country - all of them marked by roadside flowers and the same unique message.


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OVER the last 16 years, award winning author Alex Scarrow has published 17 novels with Penguin, Orion and 

Macmillan. A number of these have been optioned for film/TV development, including his bestselling thriller Last Light.

When he is not busy writing, painting or immersed in the world of VR, Alex spends most of his time trying to keep Ozzie away from the food bin.

He lives in the wilds of East Anglia with his wife, Deborah and four, permanently muddy, dogs.

OZZIE came to live with us in January 2017. He was adopted from Spaniel Aid and believed to be 7 at the time. Ozzie loves food, his mum, food, his ball, food, walks and more food. 

He dreams of unrestricted access to the food bin.


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