Ellie Quin

Beneath the Neon Sky




Ellie Quin has figured out an inventive way to make money. A lot of money. Enough to buy some exorbitantly priced tickets off this godforsaken world. And with her future foreseen by a creepy alien fortune teller, it seems things are finally going Ellie's way. 

With her resourceful friend Jez, a scruffy shuttle pilot called Aaron and a genetically engineered pet called Harvey, between them it looks like they're going to make a killing from their new commercial venture. 

But then 'a killing' is exactly what's coming her way. 

A ruthless hitman, hired by The Administration has followed her trail, found her old home, discovered she recently ran away to live in the city of New Haven...and is now closing in on her. 

Has time finally run out for Ellie Quin?.